Integers 1 through n in Randomized Sequence

This calculator will take the integers 1 through n and shuffle them into a random sequence. It will also calculate the lag1 autocorrelation of the random sequence that is produced, reported as a value of r2. In general, the closer r2 is to zero, the greater the degree of random jumble within the sequence. (Note that smaller values of n will tend to produce larger values of r2.)

The procedure is simple: enter the value of n in the designated place and then click the «Randomize» button.

To import the random sequence into a spreadsheet or other application, click the cursor inside the text field where the sequence appears and perform the menu commands 'Select All' and then 'Copy'.

To generate a printable copy of the list, click the «Printable Report» button.

n =
r2 =

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